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  The V.I. Department of Justice will provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services for the U.S. Virgin Islands in order to achieve justice and to assert, protect, and defend the rights of the people.
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Welcome to the Virgin Islands Department of Justice's website. The Department is administered under the general supervision and direction of the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands, who is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. As a Territory of the United States, the Virgin Islands is comprised of four islands, St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island and St. Croix, which are divided into two districts, the St. Thomas/St. John/ Water Island District and the St. Croix District. However, the Attorney General serves as the chief law enforcement officer for both districts. The Department, under the leadership of the Attorney General, is tasked with a two-fold mission:

(1) to prosecute all violations of the Virgin Islands Criminal Code and to represent the Government of the Virgin Islands in all civil actions brought on behalf of or against the government.

(2) to provide efficient and effective financial and access support services to children and custodial parents through the Division of Paternity and Child Support.

Whether issuing opinions, providing advice, reviewing regulations or litigating in court, the Department of Justice is dedicated to helping the government of this Territory serve the people of the Virgin Islands. Toward this end, we are committed to working with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

The V.I. Department of Justice will provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services for the U.S. Virgin Islands in order to achieve justice and to assert, protect and defend the rights of the people.

Assistant Attorney General Vacancy Notice - Solicitor General Division  
Assistant Attorney General Vacancy Notice - Medical Malpractice Division  
DOJ Medical Examiner determines cause and manner of death for 22-Month-old Baby, Tamir Lake  
USVI Paternity and Child Support Statutes  
V.I. Attorney General Secures Significant Changes to the Epstein Estate Compensation Fund That Protect Victims, Victims’ Rights and Adhere to the Laws of the Virgin Islands  
Attorney General recognizes Law Week, reminds laws seek to protect in light of COVID-19 Pandemic  
AG Denise George reflects on V.I. History as part of Delegation to Ghana for Conference and Heritage Tour  
V.I. Attorney General Opposes Epstein Estate Demand for Broad Release of Parties Involved in Victim Abuse  
V.I. Attorney General Denise George: Avoid COVID-19 Scams  
Residents Who Violate Executive Orders and Directives Could Face Criminal Consequences  
Statement by V.I. Attorney General Denise N. George on the victims’ compensation fund proposed by Epstein Estate  
DOJ hands out backpacks to thousands of children on St. Croix  
Virgin Islands DOJ arrests three sex offenders on St. Croix  
Francis Williams, double murderer, gets 61 years in jail  
Florida man arrested on grand larceny and related charges in a check-cashing scheme  
Jury convicts Angel Parrilla of 2018 Frederiksted Festival Village murder  
CSTARS System Restored  
AG George: PCSD working feverishly to restore CSTARS system  
Corraspe sentenced to life without parole for 2015 murder  
St. Thomas man gets 15 years for 2014 murder outside local nightclub  
Jury convicts ex-police officer in double homicide  
Senate confirms Denise George as attorney general  
AG Nominee Denise George’s nomination for attorney general advances in Senate  
Jury convicts Corraspe of 2015 murder  
St. Thomas man sentenced to 15 years for attempted murder  
St. Thomas man gets 20 years for 2017 killing over unpaid wages  
North Carolina man sentenced to 40 years for 2014 killing of roommate  
Court grants temporary restraining order to bar new voter registrations  
St. Croix man sentenced to 40 years for rape  
V.I. legendary boxer, Julian Jackson, speaks out on fatherhood  
Attorney General Walker urges congress to support funding under VAWA  
Woman gets 5 years for embezzling funds from V.I. Port Authority  
AG clears V.I. Superior Court marshal in Windward Passage incident  
North Carolina man pleads guilty to 2014 killing of roommate  
AG meets with AIG on fixing Bellevue; discussed selling units to tenants  
AG Walker announces largest payout to V.I. consumers directly  
St. Thomas man sentenced for gun possession near school  
PCSD ST. Thomas offers some services at its Nisky Center Office  
Woman gets more than 8 years in jail for stabbing housemate  
St. Thomas man jailed for firearm violation  
AG's office conducts verification operation of V.I. sexual offenders  
St. John man sentenced to 10 years for biting piece of man’s ear off  
Woman convicted of knifing housemate  
AG Walker joins petition to Congress to end forced arbitration for sexual harassment victims  
AG Walker settles with Kmart for almost $640,000 on Medicaid dispute  
St. Thomas man sentenced for 2016 murder  
DOJ releases names of plane crash victims  
AG Walker joins 17 other attorneys general in letter urging pharmacies to implement opioid mitigation programs  
AG Walker updates the public on paternity matters post Hurricanes Irma and Maria  
AG Walker: Five hurricane-related deaths recorded in the Territory  
Man, 66, sentenced to 15 years for attempting to kill his wife  
DOJ teams up with the church in St. Croix Fatherhood Initiative  
DOJ settles civil CICO claim against co-conspirator in public auction scheme  
Man sentenced to 10 years for rape  
DOJ takes three violent criminals off the streets  
Conspirators in public property auction scheme sentenced  
AG Walker continues child support payment initiative  
AG Walker clears VIGL in campaign funding probe  
Third defendant in REAL ID criminal case brought to the Territory  
Despite Takata bankrtupcy, AG continues to urge car owners to repair defective airbags and to hold Takata accountable  
AG Walker issues stern warning to potential fraudsters at public property auctions  
Former BMV Director, two others arrested in REAL ID alleged scheme  
Man convicted of 2013 rape  
Mentally-ill man faces first-degree rape charges  
Man convicted of gun possession; faces mandatory minimum of 10 years  
Former police captain sentenced to 40 years for murder of his wife  
Man Convicted of Shooting Woman and Leaving Her For Dead  
V.I. Parole Board Hearing Schedule  
Man Charged With Aggravated Rape of 5-year-old Boy Released on Unsecured Bond  
AG Files Opposition to Terminix’s Motion to Dismiss  
Woman Who Pistol-whipped Taxi Driver Released On Unsecured Bond  
Federal Auditors Give High Marks to Paternity and Child Support Division  
Seventeen Federal Law Enforcement Officers Receive Commissions As Virgin Islands Peace Officers  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Woman  
Local Businessman Admits To Stealing More Than $1 Million From MoneyGram  
AG Walker Bars Charleswell From Government Property Auctions  
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Receive Commissions as Virgin Islands Peace Officers  
A Third Defendant Pleads Guilty In Government Auction Scheme  
Former Police Captain Convicted of Wife's Murder  
Former Police Captain On Trial For Wife’s Murder  
St. John Man Sentenced To 25 Years For 2012 Murder  
AG Walker Weighs In On Rights Of Transgender Individuals In V.I. Public Schools  
Man Arrested On Weapon And Ammunition Charges Following Gun Battle  
Convicted Gunman Sentenced  
Man Sentenced For Drunken Driving  
Man Held On Rape and Related Charges Advised Of His Rights  
Man Sentenced To Six Months Behind Bars For Arson  
Robbery Suspect Placed On Curfew And House Arrest  
St. Thomas Woman Arrested On An Embezzlement Charge  
St. Thomas Man Arrested On False Imprisonment And Related Charges  
Burglary Suspect Placed on House Arrest  
Police Confiscate Illegal Firearm During Initiative  
Man Faces Robbery and Weapons Charges in Two Incidents  
Man Admits To Sexually Assaulting Woman  
DOJ Files Suit Against Terminix  
Another accused conspirator in public auction scheme pleads guilty  
Sex Offender Punished For Failing To Keep Registration Current  
Woman receives jail time for damaging vehicle  
Accused Co-conspirator In Scheme To Defraud Government Pleads Guilty  
Police Confiscate Drugs and Illegal Firearm During Traffic Stop  
DOJ Comes In For High Praise From Gov. Mapp  
Woman Charged With Vehicular Homicide Released on Unsecured Bond  
Man sentenced for armed robbery of a police officer  
DOJ Takes Steps To Establish Forensic Facility  
Man Arrested On Weapon And Drug Charges  
AG Walker Announces Toyota Repair-A-Thons  
V.I. Government Resolves Claims With Janssen Pharmaceutical Company  
Man Convicted Of Gun Possession  
St. Thomas Woman Sentenced To One Year For Embezzling Public Funds  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced For 2013 Coki Point Beach Murder  
Man accused of shooting victim in front of victim’s mother  
Three Men Found With Handguns And AK-47 Rifle  
Man Charged In Machete Attack  
Man Charged In His Mother’s Murder Held On $1 Million Bail  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced To More Than 30 Years For Raping a Woman  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced To Six Months For Assaulting Police Officer  
Murder Suspect Held On $1 Million Bail  
St. John Man Sentenced To 25 Years For 2014 Murder  
Man Accused Of First-Degree Rape Granted Bail  
St. John Man Convicted Of 2012 Murder  
Two Former DOH Employees Arrested On Embezzlement And Related Charges  
Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Armed Robbery at Pizza Restaurant  
Man Confesses to Wife’s Murder  
DHS Employee Arrested on Embezzlement and Related Charges  
DOJ Teams Up With VIPD To Tackle Public Corruption  
Jury Convicts St. Thomas Man Of Rape In Second Trial  
Second Suspect Arrested And Charged With 2005 Murder  
Woman Sentenced For Severely Wounding Young Girl  
DOJ Captures Another Wanted Sex Offender  
DOJ Apprehends Sex Offender  
Attorney General Seeks Public Help In Locating Two Sex Offenders  
Judge Increases Bail For Man Accused Of Murder  
AG Walker: AG’s Office Tackling Problem Of Crime In Many Ways  
Woman Arrested And Charged With Husband's Murder Granted Bail  
AG Walker Commends Fathers For Participating In Fatherhood Initiative  
Young Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Murder  
DOJ Victim Services Unit Gearing Up For National Day Of Remembrance For Homicide Victims  
Second Man Sentenced For Breaking Into “My Brother’s Workshop”  
AG Walker Urges Honda Owners To Take Advantage Of Honda Repair-A-Thons  
Child Rapist Sentenced To 13 Years  
Man Sentenced For Robbery At Hooter’s Restaurant  
Young Man Receives Probation For Firearm Violation  
Young Man Sentenced To Six Months For Armed Robberies  
Judge Denies Terminix Motion To Quash Attorney General’s Subpoena  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced For Killing Another Man With A Rock  
St. Thomas Woman Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge In Wounding Young Girl  
Woman Sentenced For Box Cutter Attack  
Man Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Charges  
Two Men Plead Guilty To Breaking Into “My Brother’s Workshop”  
Attorney General Asks For $1 Million Bail For Man Accused Of Murder  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced For Firearm Possession  
Judge Denies Bail To Man Accused Of Murder  
Jury Deadlocked In Arson Trial  
St. Thomas Man Faces Arson Trial  
Jury Selected To Hear Case Of Young Man Who Allegedly Pointed Gun At Police Officer  
St. Thomas Man Pleads Guilty To Murder  
Rouse's Sentencing Delayed  
Murder Suspect Advised Of His Rights; Bail Hearing Set  
Justice Staff Say Their Goodbyes To Former Deputy Attorney General  
St. Thomas Man Sentenced to Life for Raping and Impregnating a Minor  
Takata Airbag Recall - Replacing Takata Airbags in the U.S. Virgin Islands  
Takata Airbag Recall - Frequently Asked Questions  
AG Walker Takes Enforcement Action Against Takata and Honda  
Attorney General’s Office Conducts Massive Verification Operation of V.I. Sexual Offenders  
Civil Rights Commission Questionnaire for Employment Complaints  
Civil Rights Commission Questionnaire for Public Accomodation Complaints  
Civil Rights Commission Questionnaire for Housing Complaints  
About the Civil Rights Commission  
Civil Rights Commission Questionnaire for Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints  
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