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  The V.I. Department of Justice will provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services for the U.S. Virgin Islands in order to achieve justice and to assert, protect, and defend the rights of the people.
Office of the Attorney General
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Solicitor General Division
Criminal Division
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Bureau of Investigations
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Sexual Offender Registry

The Bureau of Investigations, under the supervision of a Director, is the primary investigative and law enforcement arm of the Virgin Islands Department of Justice. Its mission is to investigate matters to include, but not limited to, the following:

Tort Claims, Civil Litigation, Anti-Trust, Civil Rights, Pre-Employment Background Investigations, Misconduct by Government Employees, Public/Government Corruption, White Collar Crime, Consumer Fraud, Unsolved Homicides, Organized Crime, Use of Deadly Force, Fugitive Investigations, Jury and Witness Tampering, and Enforcement of the Sexual Offender Registry.

Other services provided by the Bureau are Crime Scene Analysis and Documentation, Extradition of Fugitives, Service of legal documents, assistance to the Assistant Attorney General with the presentation of criminal and civil matters before the court, and the operation of the Witness Protection Program.

In times of a declared state of emergency, which may involve a natural disaster, accident with mass fatalities, or a terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction, the Bureau takes the lead in fatality recovery under the Office of the Medical Examiner.

Powers and Duties

All Special Agents are sworn peace officers with full territory-wide authority to investigate and effect warrantless arrests and arrests pursuant to arrest warrants, to execute search warrants, and to seize property.

Bureau Staff

The Bureau maintains offices in the two island districts of St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix, and is comprised of sworn and civilian staff to include the following: Director, Assistant Director, Special Agent In-Charge, Special Agents, Criminal/Intelligence Analysis, Administrative Assistance, and Legal Secretary. During the year, interns who are pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice, Police Science, or a related field of study are assigned to the Bureau. The Director, Assistant Director, and all Special Agents are on 24-hours-a-day on-call status, seven days a week.

Leonardo Carrion
Executive Director
Bureau of Investigations
Virgin Islands Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General

213 Estate La Reine
RR1 Box 6151
Kingshill, VI 00820
(340) 773-0295

How do I file a complaint with the Bureau of Investigations? 

    The first step in filing a complaint with the Bureau of Investigations is to schedule a meeting with a Special agent or representative of the Bureau to discuss the matter. If it is determined that the matter warrants an investigation by the Bureau, an intake form must then be filled out. Be sure to bring any documents that may support your compaint complaint and a copy of any police report that you may have already filed in regard to the matter.

Does the Bureau of Investigations assist with the collection of worthless checks?
     No, the Bureau of Investigations does not assist with the collection of worthless checks. The Bureau handles cases involving return checks of not less than $10,000. All other claims should be refered to the Smalls Claims Court of the Virgin Islands Superior Court. Once a complaint is filed with the Bureau for a worthless check, the complainant should be aware that criminal charges will be filed against the signator of the check regardless of whether the funds are paid in part or in full at some point after the complaint has been filed with the Bureau.
Once I file a criminal complaint with the Bureau of Investigations, does that guarantee that I will recover my money from the suspect who embezzled it? 
     Filing a criminal complaint with the Bureau of Investigations does not guarantee that the complainant will recover his or her money from the suspect who embezzled it. However, once a criminal charge has been filed, restitution may become part of the plea agreement or judgment.

How soon will my case be handled?

     Bureau of Investigations cases are handled on a priority basis with each case being reviewed on its merits. Once a case has been assigned to an investigator, the duration of the investigation depends on the complexity of the matter. Once a case has been filed in Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, the court sets the calendar for when the case will be heard.