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  05/19/2017 V.I. Parole Board Hearing Schedule  




Attorney General Claude E. Walker would like to advise the general public that the Virgin Islands Parole Board (Board) will meet on Thursday and Friday, June 22 and 23, 2017, at the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility on St. Croix; on June 26-27, 2017 at the Saguaro Correctional Center, Eloy, AZ; on June 28, 2017 at the Wallen Ridge State Prison, Big Stone Gap, VA; and on June 28, 2017 at Keen Mountain Correctional Center, Oakwood, VA.  All meetings will start at 8:00 a.m. and the afternoon sessions will start at 12:30 to consider the applications for parole for the following inmates:


June 22, 2017 (Thursday)


Inmate’s Name                                  Offense(s) Committed


Renaldo Santos                                   Murder 2nd Degree; Possession of a Firearm

                                                            during a Commission of a Crime


Wesley Matthias                                 Unlawful Sexual Contact 1st Degree


Wilson Fuentes                                   Voluntary Manslaughter; Assault 3rd Degree; unauthorized Possession of a Firearm


Jeff Davis                                            1st Degree Assault Degree; Assault 3rd Degree


Jonathan Hakim                                  Voluntary Manslaughter; Possession of a Firearm


Roberto Medina                                  Murder 2nd Degree


Akeem Williams                                  Voluntary Manslaughter; Assault 3rd Degree; Using a dangerous Weapon during the commission of a crime of violence


Dekurmar Rogers                                Grand Larceny


James Nibbs                                        Arson 2nd Degree


Joseph Rogers                                     Unlawful Sexual Contact/Domestic Violence


Eric Miller                                           Murder 2nd Degree; Assault 3rd Degree; Possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a crime of violence


Michael James                                     Burglary 1st Degree; Unlicensed possession of a firearm


Richard Durham                                 Assault 2nd Degree


June 23, 2017 (Friday) – The board will hear testimony from persons for and against inmates incarcerated at the Citrus County Detention Center, Lecanto, Florida, and Saguaro Correctional Center, Eloy, Arizona


June 26-27, 2017 (Monday and Tuesday) inmates at Saguaro Correctional Center


Inmate’s Name                                  Offense(s) Committed


Dennis Nesbeth                                   Unlawful Sexual Contact First


Javier Rodriquez                                 Rape 1st Degree


Jerome Turnbull                                  Possession of Ammunition; Kidnapping; Robbery 1st Degree; Possession of a Firearm, Assault 1st Degree


Rinel Ferdinand                                  Murder 2nd Degree


Jeffrey Dawkins                                  Escape from Custody; Robbery 1st Degree; Possession of Deadly Weapon


Jemni Barnes                                       Murder 2nd Degree     


Glenford Prince                                  Murder 2nd; Possession of a Deadly Weapon


Hector Mercardo                                 Robbery 1st Degree; Grand Larceny


Angel Rivera                                       Unlawful Sexual Contact


Anselmo Boston                                 Assault 3rd Degree



June 28, 2017 (Wednesday) inmates at Keen Mountain Correctional Center and Wallen Ridge State Prison


Inmate’s Name                                  Offense(s) Committed          




Mark Peltier                                        Murder 2nd Degree


Anuery Baez Reyna                            Murder 2nd Degree; Unauthorized use of a firearm during the commission of 2nd Degree murder


Johnny Martinez                                 Murder 2nd Degree; Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm


Daniel Peters                                       Assault 1st Degree; Possession of a Firearm during   

Commission of Violence; Unauthorized possession of Vehicle; Possession of Stolen Property; Unlawful Sexual Contact 2nd Degree


June 29-30, 2017 (Thursday & Friday) inmates at Citrus County Detention Center


Inmate’s Name                                  Offense(s) Committed          


Delroy Woods                                     Robbery 1st Degree, Assault 3rd Degree, Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm


Kamal Thomas                                    Assault 3rd Degree; Using a Dangerous Weapon during a 3rd Degree Assault; Threat to a Witness


Clifton Fahie                                       Simple Assault & Battery; Burglary 2nd; False Imprisonment


Shiloh Urgent                                      Voluntary Manslaughter


Donna Webbe                                     Voluntary Manslaughter


Arnold Malone                                    Attempted Murder 1st degree


Lasima M’bilashaka                            Assault 1st Degree


Fidencio Hernandez                            Negligent Homicide


Jamal Arthur                                       Murder 2nd Degree


Jelani Pitman                                       Assault 1st Degree


Rafael Rivera                                      Murder 2nd Degree


Joseph Frith                                         Aggravated Rape 2nd Degree, Incest; Domestic Violence


Marc Thomas                                      Robbery First Degree


Edward James                                     Possession of Stolen Property


Carlos Ingles                                       Robbery 1st Degree


Jahleel Warner                                     Robbery 1st Degree


Walter Pitman                                     Grand Larceny


Edward Warner Richards                   Aggravated Assault and Battery; Grand Larceny



Anyone interested in giving information to the Board or testifying at the hearing must submit written comments to the Board or advise the Board of his/her desire to appear and testify.  Such notices must be received by the Board at least three days prior to June 26, 2017.


Written comments or requests to testify should be addressed to:


Darien L. Wheatley

Parole Board Coordinator

V.I. Department of Justice

34-38 Kronprindsens Gade

GERS Complex, Second Floor

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802-5712

Tel: -774-5666 x124

Fax: - 774-9710




Ms. Debra Liburd

Project Coordinator – Parole

Bureau of Correction

Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility

R.R. 1, Box 9950

Kingshill, VI  00851

Tel:  340-778-0400 x 4705

Fax:  340-712-3117