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  02/11/2020 Statement by V.I. Attorney General Denise N. George on the victims’ compensation fund proposed by Epstein Estate  
  ST. THOMAS, U.S.V.I. – Attorney General Denise N. George issued the following statement:

“My Office has been clear that it is important for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims to have access to an expedited, non-public claims process for those who wish to participate, but that the process must be fair, just, and independent.

The victims’ compensation fund proposed by the Estate does not meet those standards. The Attorney General’s Office has opposed the approval of the fund as currently proposed because it lacks fairness, accountability, impartiality and sensitivity to victims at a level they deserve. The design and administration of the fund must be fully independent of the Estate, and the administrative costs should be limited and transparent.  Further, victims who have not yet come forward or who may not wish to use the fund must be supported and protected, with funds for counseling and for their claims, too.  Pursuant to my responsibility to the laws of the Virgin Islands, there must be full accountability, not only of the Estate, but those who participated in, facilitated, and covered up Epstein’s crimes. The fund, as the Estate conceded at last week’s hearing in the Virgin Islands, for example, cannot seek to impose broad releases that run counter to that important purpose.  These requirements were laid out in detail in my letter to the Estate, which was sent Monday and is attached.”

Attached please see the letter from the AG to the Estate, newly filed Opposition Brief from the AG’s Office to the Estate’s Opposition to the Lien as well as a newly revised Amended Complaint by the AG, including newly named defendants.

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